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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  March 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. juliet: good morning, everyone. we are in for a crappy day with cooler temperatures , wind and rain. it's not ideal but the light is at the end of the tunnel. ben: i do . police need help capturing a man who sexually assaulted a woman in brooklyn. brooklyn. they're hoping the surveillance video will lead to his arrest. >> police officers here in tba. they claim cops feel less
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>> coming under attack for violence breaking out at the rallies. a live report over the weekend. >> good morning. i am juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau. thank you for joining us. juliet: it's been months since i won the bet. we still have not had a celebratory lunch .no dinner. >> we had one scheduled. flaky makes least out . >> it wasn't me. >> i was here. >> can we celebrate me ? i brilliant? >> robert moses, >> i should just keep moving along. >> tp! >> lucky! we have read with us now.
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so get your umbrellas out. it's breezy as well in your morning temperatures around 490. it's a wet day and something we haven't seen for a while. the rain has pushed in the overnight hours and it took a little while for the air to saturate. it's from the cloud base to the ground. a lot of folks are reporting some wit roadways. there are heavier pockets out here closer to philly and they come to the tri-state region. this is a live radar which shows the rain everywhere. we have 500 there and temperatures are falling as we had throughout the morning. colder air is being pulled in. >> 480 right now in philly and there's a cloudy sky with showers being pulled into the tri-state region. the area of low pressure is dividing to the south and we have the rain activity here with a warm front making its way and.with
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the land and waters. temperatures fall down to 440 in the rain scatters throughout the day. a high is warmer for you but not as much rain on wednesday. looks like it's on the dry side with a high to stay. >> let's bring a nine is. good morning, long island, the commute is looking great . 78 and 287 you are in great shape.let's take a look at the freeway. we had an accident with a lane closure backing away with no activity left there. as for the trains, and the metro-north and the new jersey transit , they are
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running on or close. >> 5:04 am with more details about the deal that avoided the new jersey transit strike. it gives workers a 21% wage increase over 8 and a half years. >> they spread it out longer. >> they haven't had a contract for a long time five years. >> union leaders have conceded to a new breakfast with employees paying usd160 per month for medical coverage. this depends on the plan they choose and when they were hired. the agreement was reached on friday avoiding the strike and fare hike. union workers have to vote for the plan to be ratified. >> big news over the weekend. one of three crewmembers at the tugboat remains missing. >> the police spokesman says divers cannot access the section of the total where they believe the body of 56-year-old harry
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let's go to teresa perillo lowlife. theresa: according to officials, the search has been called off. this morning, the south has been put on hold until conditions here improve. this is not the outcome the family of the tugboat crew had hoped for. >> you think it's there even when it's improbable. unfortunately, there wasn't. >> governor cuomo delivered somber news for the banks. crews are looking to save specialist. they have now switched gears moving from search to the decision is the result of powerful currents and murky water. visibility is so poor they can only see 6 inches. >> the child is heavily damaged and the divers did access areas for the vessel that they can reach safely.
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>> the specialist was pushing a barge when it crashed. it hit a stationary barge used for the tappan zee bridge construction project. on board , timothy conklin with captain paul hammond and harry hernandez of staten island. the bodies have been recovered. it's believed that hernandez remain submerged with the vessel. hernandez last facebook page says he loves working on hudson. another day work and every day is a blessed day. >> sometimes it's just a pure accident. that's what it appears to . say. the specialist was taking a substantial amount of diesel fuel 5000 gallons. now, it's leaking. the accident is the fifth . in july, lindsay stewart and mark lennon were killed.
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they crashed into the large shiny late night cruise. the operator claimed the barge wasn't properly lit . >> in this case, the crew knew about the barge and he simply could not avoid it . that is the latest. >> a brooklyn woman is recovering after she was sexually assaulted in the lobby of her apartment building.this is surveillance video of the man police are looking for . it's a pretty good video. man put a knife up to the m's neck just before midnight on saturday. they assaulted her at 50th st. and sunset park. the suspect is described as slime.he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt that appears dark in color. >> he chose her to the point where he passed out. >> police are searching for michael catoosa and three other men.
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bensonhurst on january 25. the man ran off and the driver was not hurt. if you have seen the suspects, call crime stoppers . >> morale is at a very low level according to a survey. officers took the survey and they gave him a 2.49 as a ranking. 10 is the best and 87% say the city was less safe in the past two years. 55% say it's a lot less safe. the spokesman says these findings are highly suspect . >> the nypd says it's not received the survey but when it does, it will review it . >> we are one day away from several primaries.
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it could change the days of the republican race. it might be a bit of a stretch. >> you are probably waiting for a moment when someone is ahead. donald trump could really be decisive tomorrow. he is holding a rally in ohio today which is john kasich's home state. the two are pretty tight in the polls. let's bring in robert. robert: thank you. good morning . the violence canceled the rally but first of all, let's not forget these five states holding primaries's ohio and missouri. tomorrow is actually more important than super tuesday was. all of the talk about tomorrow has been overshadowed by the rallies. they have cause great consternation and controversy.
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>> do or die for marco rubio who must win florida stay in the race. they are chasing donald trump remains at the top . at the top of every new cycle. >> they are so loud and so vicious. they stop us from our first amendment rights. >> he returned to illinois after 48 hours forced him to cancel a rally. his morning appearance was calm except for protest. >> just get them out . [cheering] trump made appearances later in the day in ohio and florida that were peaceful. besides the protest, the processor jumped over a barricade and his security personnel secured them from danger. >> there were more protest in kansas city on saturday. the upheaval has become a
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point in the place where it gets crazier by the minute. >> donnell asks of the people there to raise their hand and pledge their support . >> this is america. we don't pledge allegiance to a man and pledge allegiance to a flood . >> the democratic candidate says trump is to blame for inciting violence as rally . >> donald trump is responsible for what happens at his event . form months, he is not just been inciting violence but applauding it . >> he dismissed trumps claims that sanders has planted the protesters interrupt the trump rally. >> anyone understands that mister trump campaign that he tells the truth very rarely. >> because i draw big crowds, i am bound to bring in some bad apples. >> as big as the rallies are, no one has ever been hurt.
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>> is in trump are neck and neck. marco rubio is well behind and that could be the death of the rubio campaign. bernie sanders hopes to pull an upset. muchly he did in michigan . >> very unexpected. we will see . >> robert moses thank you very much. a warning for drivers on the road. why you need to be careful. >> the divider lines are very has nothing to do with that. warning. that's in addition to the
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actual warning coming out. >> that is a warning! it's dangerous out there! mike: it's raining out there. it makes it more difficult. we have wet weather coming asked today.500 right now with temperatures falling throughout the day. it will turn windy so be ready for it.the fox 5 ny weather app with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, at 260 calories, you can feel good finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99.
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ben: every day is a holiday when it comes to math. today is a math holiday. juliet: 3.4.1 five. the ratio of a circle circumference to its diameter. albert einstein's birthday. princeton new jersey has a celebration in honor of the genius who lived in the area. >> maybe you should celebrate today since you're so smart . >> how many digits of high anyone know what that means. >> i don't really care. 3.1415. >> i am done there. morning.
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>> it was a good night last night. >> we will show you what's going on out there. it's a big change with decent weather. even though wasn't so sunny it was a bad day. we had a mild start to the day with the rain rolling in and you can see it's overtaking the tri-state. overtaking the tri-state. the wet weather has just come to everyone else and it's late rain that we will be dealing with. there's a few heavier pockets popping in from time to time. 50 in central park and 45 in bridgeport. temperatures are mild we have the wind coming from the east at five 15 miles per hour. that will continue to comment and keeping the temperature coming down. the rain will over spread
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the entire tri-state region including eastern long island and all of connecticut getting in on the brain during the morning commute . we'll see it for the majority of the day and it will be a slow-moving 15 dragging through. it doesn't look like really heavy rain but maybe like stuff with a quarter of or a half an inch into tomorrow. we will see you wednesdays dryer conditions making a comeback . it does dry up somewhat . high temperatures are what we have with afternoon temperatures wrong 44. 55's are high tomorrow with scattered showers. it's dry on wednesday and thursday is st. patrick's day with out a problem. temperatures are above normal. let's bring in ines.
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>> good morning, mike. looking good on the expressway. they are doing fine as far as the commute , 95 northbound looks pretty good. >> smooth sailing on eastbound side. we are off to great shape. as for the george washington bridge, there is no problems in the george washington tunnel. >> daylight savings time is affect not only our sleep but our driving. the new york city department of transportation say serious crashes have increased by 10% the week after the clock springs forward. a number jumps to 30% by the morning hours. >> is darker out there. >> reminding drivers to take extra care . >> i think it's pointless. i get that we move the hour from the morning to the evening but why do we do that?
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>> no more daily no more daylight savings! it's a way to conserve fuel but during world war i, 100 years ago it started a long time ago! >> we are learning more about daylight savings time. it has its roots in world war i as nine until 1996. they signed the act into law. it shifted from october and april to november and march. savings are mixed . the national bureau of economic research on the use of lighting job but the use of air-conditioning increased . today, it's been in juliet's national mapping day.
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>> it was created by a boston professor.multiple studies conducted show the rates of heart attack was likely due to the bodies having less time to recover. if you need help fighting it , expose yourself to as much light as possible. avoid the bright lights before bedtime. it's something we are guilty of. eliminate caffeine or alcohol within two hours. go to sleep and get up at the same time every day. it can be difficult for some. exercise consider melatonin supplements before you do that check your doctor before you take them. >> the thing about taking a nap is that you take it but
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you are not catching up on sleep. you are impeding yourself and going to sleep a decent hour. >> sometimes, if you nap you want bill to go to bed that night . >> carrie drew >> think you. >> we like our job so that's the thing. >> have a lot more coming
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what could be forcing th 14 civilians and two special forces troops were killed along with six of the attackers. yesterday's attack is the third targeting a tourist center since november. >> this specific resort was very popular with french tortoise and it's very disturbing. in business news ridership rose in a subway. the mta says ridership grew by 1% last year. that is after two years of sharp rose . >> the slow growth could be due to a number of factors like writers put off by late trains or commuters choosing to drive , things to cheap gas.
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>> numerous stores are closing across the city which makes it difficult for new yorkers to find affordable groceries. officials and people in chelsea in greenwich village gathered to protest the closure on the store on w. 14th st. the associated supermarket there is a vital source of affordable groceries for people in the area.the landlord is demanding a massive rent increase. in less the landlord returns to the negotiating table, the store will close in may. >> japanese stores are now employing a robot . >> that's much like fox 5 in the morning . >> they can respond to your emotions. >> it equipped with an emotional engine .
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it's a child based artificial intelligence system that allows it to analyze gestures , expressions and voice tones. the prototype was created in 2014 and they are being sold to retail stores and they are using them as sales assistants. look at that? look at the hairdo on him. >> top stories when we
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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". juliet: the shooting took place in broad daylight. >> leaders in north korea say they can wipe out manhattan . find out how they say they could do it and how it's possible. it's not . >> people have been wondering where this guy went. some younger folks in the
5:31 am
studio have no idea who he is. his name is richard simmons. he was an icon and he is disappeared over the past two years. what happened? he is he being overtaken by satanic people? >> it seems a bit extreme. >> good morning. i am ben simoneau. >> i am juliet huddy and it's monday, march 14. ben: its national mapping day. which angel cox over the weekend so i suggest you indulge in both. >> they do make it that bad. you take a nap and it's the perfect day to be a sloth. i love it! i am going to go with that plan.
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wait'll you see the tweet periods right on point . >> happy pie day. it's also one of the good things that makes you more encouraged. it turns cooler and windy. we did not have the rain over the weekend and it was pretty mild. by wednesday, the sun returns and high temperatures are up to that time and is just ahead of st. patrick's day. here is what we have. they are scattered throughout connecticut but trust me, showers are out there. this is a late radar . we have 500 in central park. there is rain in the area and we have 480 in philadelphia with some heavier pockets of rain down there philly heading into the direction here .
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working its way through so cloudy skies and light showers going right now and they continued to increase throughout the day . will keep the rain showers as they become more steady. the high temperature is on the way down. go into the afternoon we are up i-44 by 7:00. scattered showers throughout the day with light stuff and it's still pretty wet with a high of 550. the showers late possibly in the day with a high temperature of 60. let's bring it over to ines who has her eyes on the roads and rails. >> let's start out at the roads. construction cleared away and as far as your commute, the parkway at root 80 and 287 looks good.let's go to our cameras and see how it looks. it's westbound with no issues there on the
5:34 am
eastbound side it's smooth sailing. let's look at the train. problems with the train service suspended with a mechanical maintenance. the four train fire department has them in the south train by passing the parkway. they are running on or close to schedule. >> at 544, police are looking for your help to find a man who fired on a crowded sidewalk. this is surveillance video of the suspect. shots were fired just after noon yesterday on boston road and the park east. no one was hurt . the gunman is described as wearing a yellow sweatshirt . if you see him, call crimestoppers at 18 hundred 577 tips. >> and maryland police officers died after being shot and a unprovoked attack. prince george
5:35 am
, jakarta colson will turn 29 years old this week. the ambush style shooting happened in landover a suburb just outside of the sleeve. the suspect was wounded but is expected to survive. the suspect was arrested and there is no word on emotive. >> republicans may have one last shot at taking down donald trump. >> trump is not only fighting off the other candidates by criticizing the violence at his rallies. robert moses joins us now with the latest. a lot of people are saying donald trump is to blame. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders subscribe to that very. good to see you. five states, including ohio and florida hold key primaries tomorrow. that has been overshadowed by all of this upheaval at
5:36 am
it started friday when he had to cancel a rally there after violence flared. a man jumped a barricade. they were more protest in kansas city. trump made three appearances yesterday without incident. first in illinois and then in ohio and again in florida. they were peaceful. he spoke about the rounds yesterday in bloomington illinois. >> we have protesters. some of them are so mean and so loud and so vicious that they stop us from our first amendment rights. >> trump has accused bernie sanders of planting some of the protesters who have interrupted his rally. he tells the truth very rarely. >> we mentioned that there
5:37 am
is a really important race and ohio . john kasich has to win his home state or he is likely done. mitt romney will appear at two rallies today. marco rubio has to win in florida and polls show him well behind trump. that could spell the end of his campaign. bernie sanders is hoping to notch another upset in illinois. he did something similar in michigan and is hoping to do that in illinois tomorrow. >> thank you very much. >> think you. >> other big news with diverse to stop searching for a man after a total crash and tarrytown new york. divers will be on the scene this morning to find out how to remove the wreckage from the river. let's go to teresa . theresa: the search has
5:38 am
been called off. operation. even that has been suspended. it's very rough conditions on the hudson. crews are surging over the weekend and the specialist crashed into one of the stationary barges that supports a tappan zee bridge project. it was pulling a barge from albany to jersey city and the conditions were very rough. the cruise said they could barge. on board, captain paul and timothy conklin from westberry seen here and a yearbook photo and harry hernandez is seen in this facebook photo. according to investigators, the bodies of them have been recovered. it's believed that he is submerged with the vessel. the conditions are so poor that they are able to reach the vessel.
5:39 am
they are not able to recover hernandez's body. i've crews are being forced to feel around that's how they are searching. take a listen to the authorities. >> we hope against hope even when it's improbable. we were hoping for a different outcome and unfortunately there wasn't. >> to tell is heavily damaged. the divers did access areas of the vessel that they could reach safely. >> according to the coast guard and the governor in westchester county, the other big problem is that the vessels carrying 5000 gallons of diesel fuel. that is now leaking out into the hudson. as daylight breaks, you can see a sheen on the water. they are attempting to get it contained but it's one of the other issues here. that's the latest, i will
5:40 am
>> north korea is claiming it has a hydrogen bomb manhattan. we have a latest reaction to military drills between the united states and south korea. giller scientists say if the new obama placed on a missile, it could destroy new york. experts do not believe the device lives up to the claims or that the missiles could reach this far. >> he is crazy. >> let's get over to mike for a check out the weather. >> as you can see, we have a lot of light rain . make sure you have an umbrella. it will be windy outside. you can see the showers and almost everyone is in on the action coming to connecticut. temperatures are fairly mild this morning but it's getting colder as the day goes on.
5:41 am
right now you are at 45 in montauk and 50 in central park.370 in monticello and there's a warm front in the tri-state. it's not like a strong passing cold front. it's the east wind. we have a cloudy sky with a front to the southwest. the area of low pressure is enhancing and getting the showers going on the light side. there is moderate showers and breezy highs where we are right now. temperatures fall throughout the day. we see a high of 610 and its 55 on friday. let's bring in ines to see if there is anything out there. we do have some issues i know that. ines: right now, no problems in putnam county around 684.
5:42 am
in the iconic we have a look at the commute. over in rockland county, it's over by the garden state parkway. if you are heading towards the tappan zee bridge, you are fine. no issues northbound. as for the van wyck , it's northbound and southbound with a closed with a coast that is clear. we have flashing lights by the toll plaza but it's not affect in your commute . the lower level looks fine.
5:43 am
>> in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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checking out your headlines. a woman has been arrested on a murder charge. it's in connection with the death of a new one. she has been charged with a concealment of a human corpse. please believe she is the baby's mother and the child was alive at birth. no word on the cause of death.
5:46 am
>> please need your help finding a man who sexually assaulted a woman in sunset park. it's at the lobby and the midnight. the suspect is described as slim and wearing a dark jeans. >> more details about the new jersey transit strike. that wall street journal says against any 21% wage increase over it in the half years. friday. ian members have to vote to ratify it .it's a big is in . duke: good morning! la. phil jackson watch kobe bryant play for the last time. they won five nba championships together. he shot there in the lakers are up 85/81. the next still when at 26 points. the game is tied at 87. he hits the three to win
5:47 am
and the next two and 90/87 is the final score. >> getting ready for madness. a number made the tournament. they find out where they will be playing. >> seton hall faces the west coast conference time. gonzales on thursday night and the pirates put on a great show reading villanova. as the number 13 seat . >> this was the scene at iona where their name was announced during the tournament. as the number 13 seat in the midwest region. they will play the number four scene at iowa state. on thursday in denver. it's the first trip to the big dance.
5:48 am
they will play kentucky in des moines. they play tomorrow at the gulf coast university. he was left outgoing 27/7 over usc. it's notre dame and georgetown. let's talk about hockey. the rangers play the hose to the penguins. they trail 3/2 in the third. you'll score the ninth of the year on the wraparound here. it's a beauty tying it up at three. john cowan made what looked to be an innocent pass and watch this! he deflects off of him and goes past it. the penguins beat the rangers. >> it's an early lead against him scoring a pair of goals in the first 28 minutes. they gave them a 2/0 lead.
5:49 am
tie. that's a look at sports. >> duke, who did you pick? >> kansas is tough. hall. >> i think they can. they have a tough first matchup. >> kansas wins at all and seton hall goes. >> thank you, sir. it's going to be rainy and windy today. mike tells us about it . >> back to wintertime. it's a rainy day and it goes together. we have rain showers that are mostly moderate . it's heavy rain getting going but it's a little bit breezy and cool as you head out to the bus stop with a temperature around 490. carry your wet other gear . you will want . the rain is happening now and is taking a little bit longer to get down to the east.
5:50 am
it's out there to the southwest and were pretty much stuck . 500 at central park have cooler temperatures in albany and it's not so much a cold front comes in here. it's the east wind on the north of the warm front that's working its way through. showers are coming in over the past few hours and there are heavier pockets down to the southwest. basically, throughout the day, you should expect scattered showers most of it is on the later side as it enhances your chances. you are getting more of the rainfall and you get the letter showers coming through here. it's going to hang tight for the day today. tomorrow, you still showers left over but it still little bit wet with an area of low pressure working through helping to keep us going.
5:51 am
a break with cloudy skies. it will be drier. rain chances throughout the day with temperatures falling and making it windy. we go into the next seven days with a high of 48 today and 55 tomorrow. let's get into ines and see what's going on. >> the new jersey commute is looking good. no problems on 78 and 280. we do have a problem with our cameras at the lie. it's westbound and eastbound. it's a pick up in volume let's go to the bridge with the camera shot by the grand central pkwy.expect delays of your heading westbound with traffic moving slow.
5:52 am
and things are looking good. juliet: we have a lot more coming up at 5:51 am. ben: where is richard simmons? juliet: summer asking, who is richard simmons? i want to knock them upside the head for asking questions. what happened to him?
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time for entertainment. richard simmons, fitness guru, has resurfaced. >> he spoke on the phone with entertainment tonight. at the daily news stories about the two-year absence. >> no one has seen him? juliet: yes. friends and family are very concerned.they say he was potentially being held against his will and his hollywood hills home. that practiced witchcraft like a cow keeper. he said he is not kidnapped and no one should worry about him. >> no, i am not kidnapped. i'm just in my house right now and i love all the people worried about me. it was time for me to take some time to be by myself. >> is everyone ready? >> he did a guest hosting thing on the show that i used to host. >> he has quite a bit of
5:56 am
>> thought he was 67. >> he was famous for wearing a red and white shorts . >> the shorty short that continue to this day. he was never seen without a short shorts. >> there filming the movie. >> shotting shooting the scenes in the medical center. you guys keep smiling and stay strong. all the moms and dads that strong. >> that is cool. melia obama showing sasha
5:57 am
>> check out the state . melia is teasing her with a background. the photo was captured by the white house photographer . >> . [laughter] at your favorite story of the morning. >> utopia was the leader of the pack at the box office. >> i will let you handle this. >> i am not a token bunny. >> is an animated hit by million. the second was 10 cloverfield ln. howard stern loved it . >> it was just over 25 million. >> that's scary. >> i heard john goodman and he was a good interview. i wasn't sure about the details. that is the point. >> third-place showing taking 11 million. deadpool is running out the top five. i want to see whiskey tango foxtrot .
5:58 am
6:00 . juliet: who is this? ben: miley cyrus.
5:59 am
back i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all." and now in delicious chocolate.
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you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. >> it is cloudty, and cooler day don't forget umbrella. mike has your complete forecast ben. >> a boat crashed into a barge missing this morning. bodies of two other men are from that boat have been now recovered. >> 22 hospitalized after amtrak train derailed wrath for in southwest kansas. yet another amp track derailment. five or -- cars on their side. >> blaming each other. voters head to policies in primarilies in several states, big ones tomorrow including ohio and florida. >> good morning ben. >> good morning juliet.


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